• Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook by Matthias Marschall

    Very recently I got an chance to read the entire book and review the book, since chef is a part and partial of my life and also bread, butter and beer. I personally suggest this book for...

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  • tux
    Using logrotate to rotate log files

      Logrotate is a great utility to manage and adminster log files in a system. It provides you with a lot of options, namely, automatic rotation, compression and mailing of log files. Each log file can be...

    • Posted 465 days ago
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  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduces Android App

    Here is a great news for all the AWS cloud freaks. AWS recently introduced the AWS management console android app. I was so eager to download the app and do a test drive. The best part what...

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  • aws
    Installing and Configuring new AWS Command line tools (CLI)

    Greetings, I grabbed an chance to install and configure the all new AWS CLI tools which is far more better then the existing command line tools. Here I have explained briefly explained how to install and configure...

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  • Aws
    AWS RDS instance upgrade down time

    I have a few questions in regards to upgrading the RDS instance. What is the downtime when upgrading the instance from let’s say small to large. Is the downtime relatively similar when you go and change any...

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