Mapping AWS EC2 instance to your domain in godaddy.

By on July 22, 2011

This is not for general public, this post is meant for the special who have discovered the power of cloud. Yes this is definitely for cloud computing people, who are eager to know more. One of the difficulties which I came across recently is mapping the ec2 instance to your domain.


Say you have bought a domain say “xyz” from and u have integrated the domain with google apps(free) account.

Sign into your google apps account as admin and choose “domain management”->domain setttings->domain names and click on advanced domain settings, before you click on  Sign in to DNS console make sure you save your username and password.

Once you click on sign in to DNS console you be redirected to site. Enter your username and password which you saved just now.

Click on your Domain name you will be redirected to domain manager page, just scroll down and below DNS manager you can see a Hyperlink “Launch” click on the hyperlink, you will be redirected to Domain management page. Stay tuned there for the time being.


Now go your aws management console and select the EC2 tab and select the instance which is presently running, find out “Public DNS”. It would look like this “ The “xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx”  is the IP address of your instance.

Switch to domain management page of the godaddy, find the “A” record, in the host column add “www” in the point to column enter your IP address which you got from aws site(use dot(.) instead of (-)) and click on the save zone button.


You are all done!!!

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