Hosting static web sites in AWS Simple storage service.

By on July 25, 2011

Its just 4-5 months around I started working on amazon web services technology and its really amazing and mind blowing. One of the coolest services of AWS is the S3 thats simple storage services, its really a simplest technology which is nothing but a file system but does lot of amazon things.

One of the coolest feature of s3 which is hosting your static web pages or site, on s3 and pointing it to the your domain.

All you have to do is, come with with a design and develop static HTML pages it may be HTML 5 Css3 or even include javascript and Jquery animations and effects and images.

Just put all the things in a single folder and name the folder according to your domain which is owned by you.

Now log on to your aws management console create a bucket. suppose your domain name is then create a bucket with the same name and place all the HTML CSS image everything.

Right click on the s3 bucket and click on properties, make sure you choose the option “web site’ and also right click again on the bucket and choose “make public”.

Once you are done with this, logon to gdaddy domain management console and edit the CNAME record.

In the host column add “www” and in the points to column “paste the url of your your site which is stored in s3″.

You are all done now!!!





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